Yasargil Titanium Jacobson Micro Scissors Neurosurgery bayonet style scissors

Do not cut suture, gauze, or wire with scissors unless it is designed to cut those materials. ASOL titanium scissors are guaranteed for one year. Should it be needed, the scissors will be refurbished and sharpened at no charge during the one year.

Ceramic coated instruments areeasy in handling and have a non-glaresurface. They are resistant to wear and tear. The instruments non-rusting and non-corrosivesurface is very long-lasting as well astemperature-and scratch-resistant.

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Product name Yasargil micro scissor
Product number M3730
Overall length 18-25cm
Titanium Made of titanium, Reusable surgery Instruments.
Materials Titanium, Stainless steel
Saurface treatment Natural color, Titanium blue, Super wear resistant black ceramic coating(extra charge)
Special service Accept product design, size customization services.
Feature Reusable Surgery Instruments
Operation Modes Direct selling by factory
Package Type Plastic box packing
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale Service Return and Replacement

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