Hair implant Micro Motor hair transplant machine for hair eyebrow transplant beard implant

This product is simple to operate and has a wide range of applications. It can be used for hair follicle extraction, hair planting, planting eyebrow and planting beard.

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Product name Hair follicle extractor
Product number E7750
Input voltage 110V/220V
Speed 0--50000rpm Stepless speed regulation
Power 65W
Product size 13.5× 10.8cm×7.6cm
pedal length 10.8 x 6.5cm 
Handle length15cm x 2-3.5cm diameter
Product weight [whole machine + packaging] 2.1Kg

1. The handle must not idle, and the upper needle must be installed.
2. Bearing oiling is strictly prohibited.
3. When the handle is used, no water can enter, and the bearing will rust.
4. When using the foot switch, the power of the host must be turned off, otherwise the circuit performance of the host will be affected.

Matters need attention
If water enters, the water must be removed on the same day, dried and reused.
1. It is forbidden to use non-original accessories, especially carbon brushes.
2. The handle can't be dusted, and if it is dusted, it needs to be cleaned in time.
3. Do not touch or fall, especially the handle.

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