Hair Implanting Knives eyebrow hair Knives ophthalmic knives Sapphire transplant Knives

The advantages of the sapphire surgical knives are as follows; less bleeding, quick wound healing, a tidy edge in a surgical cut, slight injury at the incision, uneasy to get adbesion and communicable discases. Our sapphire surgical knives are highly praised by the customers at home and abroad for their handy operation and reasonable price.

The sapphire surgical knives could be sterilized by high pressure or be soaked in disinfectant liquid. Mind the blade edges while cleaing. Don’t clean the blade edges with the cotton wool in order to avoid damaging the blade edges.

Our company also hassapphire RK knife for Lasikmeasurement andsapphire knife for brian &plastic surgery as well assapphire LRI knife.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product name Sapphire transplant Knives
Titanium Made of titanium, Reusable surgery Instruments
Materials Titanium, Stainless steel
Saurface treatment Natural color, Titanium blue, Super wear resistant black ceramic coating(extra charge)
Special service Accept product design, size customization services
Feature Reusable Surgery Instruments
Operation Modes Direct selling by factory
Package Type Plastic box packing
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale Service Return and Replacement


Appropriate Types






Single planting, hair




Double planting, hair


Multiple planting, hair and beard

Sapphire transplant Knives
FUE High Quality Hair Implanting Pen eyebrow hair planting pen Hair expansion tool Hair Transplant Instruments.

Corneal surgery tools keratome ophthalmic knives Sapphire knives Lancet Blade.
Hair Implanting Knives eyebrow hair Knives ophthalmic knives Sapphire transplant Knives.

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