Lims forceps with 1×2 holding teeth and tying platform and tail with scleral marker

The Lims forceps are mainly used to stabilize the eye. Using the forceps, you can grasp and hold tissues.

You can use the Lims forceps to stabilize and rotate the globe. Rotating the globe improves exposure of the surgical site. The Lims forceps provide support, while you apply force with the surgical instruments in your right hand. The Lims forceps are designed to handle the following tissues and suture:Conjunctiva, Tenon’s capsule, Sclera, Cornea, Iris, Nylon and Vicryl suture.

The Lims forceps have smooth arms known as the tying platforrn, and grasping teeth at the end of the arms. The teeth are delicate and they can easily bend. The teeth of the Lims forceps are designed to field the fibrous sclera, without actually grasping it. The teeth act like hooks to hold the sclera. They are somewhat sharp and can penetrate a surgical glove. The tying platform grasps the fine nylon suture for tying.

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Product name Lims Forceps 
Titanium Made of titanium, Reusable surgery Instruments
Materials Titanium, Stainless steel
Saurface treatment Natural color, Titanium blue, Super wear resistant black ceramic coating(extra charge)
Special service Accept product design, size customization services
Feature Reusable Surgery Instruments
Operation Modes Direct selling by factory
Package Type Plastic box packing
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale Service Return and Replacement

Lims Forceps
E1278S 1×2 teeth 0.3mm holding teeth and tying platform, angled shafts, 90mm long, Stainless steel.
The Lims forceps tail function can replace the Trocar Cannula Inserter, can be used as a caliper and a scleral marker (two dimensions,3.0 and 4.0 mm).

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