Irrigation cannula handpiece female male cleaning adapter aspiration adapter


Made of titanium,Reusable surgery Instruments.

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Product name Irrigation cannula handpiece, adapter
Materials Titanium, Stainless steel
Saurface treatment Natural color, Titanium blue, Super wear resistant black ceramic coating(extra charge)
Special service Accept product design, size customization services
Feature Reusable Surgery Instruments
Operation Modes Direct selling by factory
Package Type Plastic box packing
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale Service Return and Replacement

Irrigation Cannula Handpiece
E6042 Irrigation cannula handpiece, male / female connectors, Luer connector fits all cannula hubs and female luer taper accepts /Atubing connectors and irrigation ines, 7.0mm ergonomic handle for comfort, Overall Length 98mm.

Female/male Cleaning Adapter 
E6044  Cleaning adaptor, for ultrasonic/IA handpieces (irrigation connector), Luer female-male, Titanium, overall length 19mm.

Female/female Aspiration Adapter 
E6046  Female/female Aspiration Adapter, Titanium, For cleaning I/A handpieces, Luer lock,female / female, Overall Length 18mm.

Aspirating Or Irrigating Handpiece
E6043 Aspiration cannula handpiece, male / made connectors, Luer connector fits all cannula hubs, 7.0mm ergonomic handle for comfort, Overall Length 98mm.

Male To Male Cannula Adapter
E6045 Needle aspiration line connector, Male luer adapter for connecting aspiration cannulas to aspiration tubing, for automated phaco aspiration of lens milk in intumescent white cataract,Luer male-male and prevention for Argentinian flag sign, overall length 23mm, Titanium.

Male Luer Lock Cap I/A
E6050 Luer male lock cap to seal the aspiration port of the coaxial IA handpiece for bimanual IA with uniaxial handpiece and 19-23G aspiration handpiece (see E6026A-E6030A),Overall length 14mm.

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